While we are still coming to terms with 5G, China was gone ahead and launched the world first 6G satellite in to orbit to test out the performance of the 6G frequency band in space.

The “UESTC” satellite (star Era-12) was launched with 12 other satellites from the Taiyuan satellite launching center in the shanxi province.

it will use high frequency tera hertz waves to achieve high data transmission speeds in addition, the novel satellite also features technology that will be used for crop disaster monitoring and forest life prevention.

6G expected to be over 100 times faster than 5G which is already expected to be a ultra- fast and enable lossless transmission in space to achieve long distance communication with a smaller power output.

Future Technology

Hello everyone! Here’s 8 technology tipping points we will reach by 2030,


Robots have already distrupted blue collar industries. But soon they’ll all so start distrupting white – collar jobs.

There could even be robot pharmacists by 2021.


The internet of things is only going to expand form the side walk, we walk on to the clothing we wear.

1 trillion different sensors could be connected to the internet by 2022.


3D printing is revolutionizing the medical industry.

It has already been used to replace past of a rib-cage.

The technology could be used for organ transplants by 2024.


79% of respondents surveyed believe that the internet will become a basic right by 2024.


Electronic components continuou to increase in power and decrease in size.

80% of respondents predict that the first implantable phones will become commercially available by 2024.

Instead of talking – the implanted phone could allow users to communicate this thought via bring waves.


The car Sharing economy is exploring across the world.

And is changing people’s thoughts on car ownership.

67% of respondents believe more rides will be occur with ride sharing than privately was cars by 2026.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence can learn from past mistakes, and automate complex decisions based on big data.

Expert’s believe an artificial intelligence machine will join a corporate board of directors by 2026.

Time traveling machine:

The main proposal that people at least consider worthy of attention for travelling to the part does make use of a weird called wormholes.

The wormhole is something that really Albert Einstein again discovered the guy has like got his name written over everything in this field, it’s a bridge, if you will form one location in space to another, it’s kind of a tunnel gives you a short gut, to go from here to here now he discovered this in 1935 but it was subsequently realize that if you manipulate the openings of a wormhole – put one near a black whole or take one on a high speed journey – then time of the two openings of this wormhole, tunnel will not tick off at the same rate, so that you will no longer just go from one location in space to another, if you go through this tunnel through this wormhole you will go from one moment in time to a different moment in time go one way, you will travel to the past, the other way to travel to the future.