Just when we through Covid-19 was on its way out, some of our favorite food items have tested positive for Covid-19! Yeah, that’s terrible news, but there’s a way out!

For months, China has reported that several food items have tested positive for coronavirus. A few months back, a sample of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 in Shenzhen, China.

Now, reports claim that the deadly novel coronavirus has been detected in some ice cream samples in northern china, forcing authorities to seize products that have been potentially contaminated.

According to the investigation that has been carried out so far, the company used multiple raw materials to make the batches of a ice cream. The milk powder was imported from New Zealand while they powder had been imported form Ukraine. It might be possibility that in this case, the virus somehow got ‘imported’.

Reports mention that over 1600 employees have been quarantined. However, such statements have also led to suspicion whether foreign Scientists should trust these claims at all. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Chinese officials have tried to prove that coronavirus originated not in china but some other country.

Some Chinese government officials have been claimed that coronavirus virus came to china through imported fish and other food items. In November 2020, Chinese officials claimed that traces of Covid-19 were found on cold chain imports from different countries, including India.

While the Chinese have been regularly testing food items and asking people to quarantine, the US centers for disease control and prevention, has mentioned that “currently, there is no evidence to suggest that hand for consuming food is associated with Covid-19”.

It is also worth noting that getting Covid-19 from food packaging is no easy matter. As Amy Gunia wrote for TIME: ‘First, an infected person would have to enough or sneeze on the packaging. Then, while the virus was still active, someone else would need to touch that packaging before their own eyes, nose or mouth.”

However, prevention is better than cure (2020 indeed proved this!). So, as precautionary measure, experts suggest that no should always disinfect the foods packaging and washing hands is highly recommended before consuming food items. So for now, your fears can rest, and you can have the extra scoop.


New strains of COVID–19 have once again led to rising fears about the future. There is still much more to be learned about the deadly virus and now reports say that Scientists in the UK are ready for the first “human challenge Covid trials”.

In order to get to know the virus better, Scientists in the UK are ‘infecting’ 2500 healthy volunteers with COVID-19. Throughout the study, they will attempt to understand how the virus behaves in the body, and how much time it takes for the virus to develop, the sun reported.

The UK government has backed the research with $45 million of funding. The project will be undertaken by the imperial college, the national Health Service’s Royal Free Hospital, along with pharmaceutical company hVIVO.

Starting from January, the volunteers aged between 18-30 will be given an experimental nasal vaccine, after which they will be infected with the virus. All volunteers are to be paid $5,300 (close to 3.7 lakh INR) for their three-week stay at a hospital, where they will be monitored all day and night, as reported by Mail online.

While many volunteers say that through this study, they will be doing their bit to stop the pandemic, numerous questions have been raised about infecting healthy people with a virus.