For a very long time the vanilla flavoring in ice creams baked eateries came from the anal secretion of beavers. Beaver butts secrete a goo or slime-like product known as castoreum, which these animals use to make their territory.

The food and drug administration listed castoreum as a “regarded as safe” additive, and manufactures worldwide have been using it extensively in perfumes and foods for at least 80 years. Castoreum is a chemical product that mostly comes from the beavers’ caster sacs, present in between its pelvis and its tail base.

Castoreum is often a combination of caster gland secretions, anal gland secretions, and urine. While most anal secretions stink due to odour producing bacteria in the gut, the is chemical compound is a product of the beaver’s special diet of leaves and bark.

Instead of smelling icky, castoreum has a musky, vanilla scent, which is why food Scientists like to include it in recipes. But extraction is a cumbersome (and gross) process which is why many Industries have started exploring other alternatives recently.

There’s a slim chance that vanilla favoring in your food has been sourced from a beaver’s butt. So you can wipe that disgust off and go enjoy a scoop of good-old-vanilla!


The dangerous myth of virginity goes a step further when we think about its most associated word The Hymen! Also known as that Extra Tissue.

The Extra tissue around the Edge of the vaginal opening, the false story that most people believe if a girl’s Hymen breaks, the first time she has sex, she should “Definitely” bleed and after that, the Hymen will just Disappear.

Imagine! We let little girls grow up believing that their first intimate experience must always involve pain we throw around terms like Deflowering or Popping the cherry. As if we believe that woman permanently lose a part of themselves after having sex, the Hymen actually has NO purpose.

The medical experts says: some girls aren’t even born with it IF A GIRLS HAS ONE? It’s flexible enough to stretch and no, the Hymen does not magically disappear.

So to sum all of it up you simply cannot look in between a girl’s legs and judge her whole story. This is why it’s Ridiculous that “virginity checks” even exist! And the United Nations confirms at least 20 countries still practice it, in countries like Indonesia or Egypt, Female Prisoners or Woman Joining the Military are forced to undergo these humiliating procedures. And some cultures displaying sheets with blood stains after a honeymoon is considered Tradition to confirm the bride’s sexual purity meanwhile the husband doesn’t have to prove anything.