Robot that can kill Corona virus

Robots that can kill the Corona virus with ultraviolet light have been brought in at one of London’s biggest train stations.

This UV light bacteria Killing robot is deployed in a hospital in whuan.

It is fitted in to a CT scanner that is used to diagnose Corona virus patients.

The prevent cause infection, the robots disinfects the unit after each test.

It just take 3 min for the robot to finish the sanitising process.

It allows more people to be tested by the scanner each day.

Designed by a university in Hang Zhou, the robot had previously been used on ambulances.

Stations suffered a blow on Tuesday when prime minister Boris johnson told people to work from home again where possible and also ordered restaurants and pars to close early to tackle a second wave of COVID-19 infection’s.

The robots use ultraviolet light to sweep large areas without the need for chemical disinfectant, the station said adding the technology could kill nearby 100% of bacteria and virus including the Corona virus on surface and in the surrounded air in minutes.

Five ways to become a millionaire by 30

  1. Develop multiple streams of income:

Income streams outside of work includes:

  1. Real estate rentals.
  2. Stack market investment.
  3. Part ownership in a side business.

65% of self made millionaire have 3 streams of income.

2. Don’t sit on your savings:

Invest any extra money you have in a:

  1. Low cost index funds.
  2. Roth IRA.
  3. Online investment platforms.

The key is to make these investments automatic.

Set up a direct deposit that investes some of play check.

3. Get your goals straight:

” Rich people are totally colour that they want wealth”.

Know how much money you want to more and set goals along the way meet the amount.

4. Hang out with people you admire:

Gaining wealth required a certain mindset about money.

People with the right mindset are usually already rich.

Surrounded yourself with these people and learn from them.

5. Think bigger:

There is no shortage of money on this planet, only shortage of people thinking big enough.

Self made millionaires use these tricks to get rich


This is the Group they takes a longest 32 years.

These are the entrepreneurs.


This is the group that takes a least amount of time and accumulates the most wealth.


And then there’s the what I call the executives,

The executives are individual that work for big companies.

And they particiapte in their stack compensation usually publicly help companies. They get bonuses and stack compensation.

These individuals figure out how to make, themselves unfireable.

And what I mean by unfireable is they do certain things that set themselves apart from everybody else. They become expert’s in a particular industry.

They develop a particular niche either inside the company that they work for (or) within the industry.

They’re constantly obsessed with self improvement and learning everything about their company that they possible can and they do certain other things.

“Hello calls”

There are calls they they make just to, say hello to people to build and forge powerfull relationships.

They make happy birthday calls. They make life event calls.

They are calls when someone who’s in the hospital because they’re sick has a baby, gets married.

So they’re doing these kind of things.

They are also developing relationship with power relationship with influencer’s.

These could be influencer’s with in their company but they could also be influencer’s with in their industry.

Many of the self made millionaires in may book joined trade groups and become industry effects this way.

Tom corely in the author of “Rich Habits”