Zwicky 1 is a well known Spiral galaxy located 800 million light years away from earth. Astronomers were studying the Black hole at its centre when they discovered the on expected phenomenon. They detected light coming from behind a black hole. The light bursts were smaller with different colours compared to the light coming from the front of black hole.

This discovery proves Einstein’s Relativity again which allows the warping space time by large objects. Enabling the light to travel around the black hole. This phenomenon is called gravitational lensing. Even though light travels in a straight line but while traveling through a highly cured region. It will also travel with the curve of space as we’ve seen in this case, from back to front.


ZTF J1901 + 1458 is a newly found white dwarf star located 130 light years away from earth. Most white dwarf are closer to Earth’s size with a radius of about 6,300 kilo meters. However this white dwarf is way too small with a radius of only about 2,100 Kilo Meters.

Usually we think bigger objects are massive however white dwarfs shrink as they gain mass. ZTF J1901 + 1458 is 1.3 times the Sun’s mass making it one of the most massive white dwarfs. ZTF J1901 + 1458 spins once every seven minutes with a very powerful magnetic field over a billion times stronger the Earth’s.


Kim Ung- Young was born on March 8, 1962. He could speak fluently at 6 months old. By the time Kim was 1 years old he had learned Korean alphabets and 1,000 Chinese characters. By the time he was 3 year old, he was able to solve calculus problems and also published a best- selling book.

At 5, he learned multiple languages. He could speak Korean, English, French, German and Japanese. He appeared on Fuji Television in Japan and shocked everyone by solving differential equations.

When he was 8, NASA invited him to study in US. There he worked for NASA for 10 years. However, he fell disappointed with life in NASA. He said, ‘At that time, I led my life like a machine. I woke up, solved the equations, ate, slept, and so on.

He decided to come back to his hometown and settle in life as a teacher. People criticize Kim was a “Failed Genius” but the close what he wanted with his life.


The global economy is forecast to grow 6% 2021 and 4.9% 2022. But while developed nations are doing better than anticipated. Forecasts for emerging markets and developing economics have just been downgraded.

These opposite trajectories are in past due to Vaccination levels. 40% of the population in advanced economics have received a jab compared with 11% in emerging nations and just 1% in developing countries.

This means poorer countries could be more susceptible to a third wave. Which could shutdown their economics.

The pandemic has also affected wages unevenly in advanced economics, it has cut incomes by 2.8% compared with 6.3% in other nations. Finally there’s a deepening divide in government support. Advanced economics have announced $4.6 trillion in ongoing relief measures.

Whereas in most other nations, government support expired in 2020. To close there global divides, we need to act quickly. The IMF says advanced nations must donate 1 billion surplus vaccine doses.

  • To save countless lives
  • Prevent new variants
  • And add trillions of dollars to global growth

A resurgence of the pandemic could derail the recovery for everyone.