In September 2020, Scientists found phosphine in Venus’s atmosphere. Phosphine is a well known colorless and odorless gas it’s is a possible sign of life inside Venus’s clouds. Last time NASA visited Venus was 30 years ago in 1990 since then no space mission has been done on Venus. So, NASA has selected 2 missions: DAVINCI+ and VERITAS.


DAVINCI+ will consist of a probe that will slowly descend. During descent, it will sample the air from atmosphere and study the chemical composition of Venus’s atmosphere. Before landing, it will take first ever photos of Venus’s surface.


VETRITAS will consist of a Orbiter around the Venus. It is going to map Venus’s surface with high resolution allowing scientists to created a 3D map of Venus. VETRITAS will also study the Venus’s central core size and try to understand how Venus became a dead planet.

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