Our earth is a part of the solar system, were planets revolve around a star (sun). But what if there was a system with more than one stars? Think six!

Using data from NASA’s transiting exoplanet survey satellite (TESS), which is designed primarly to find exoplantes, Scientists have observed a system known as TIC 168789840, located 1900 light years away. This system consists of three binary pairs of stars.

The binary pair of stars is formed when two stars revolve around the same center of mass, in this case, there are three pairs in just one system, imaging waking up to two sun’s and four other very bright stars dancing around in the sky!

Even though a handful of other sextuplets have been discovered in the past, this is the first in which the stars within each of those three pairings keep crossing each other and eclipsing the other member. In other words, Scientists have found a sextuply eclipsing sextuple star system.

The question now arises, if there could be possible exoplantes in these systems. Four of the six stars orbit so close to one another that they immediately engulf any exoplantes that form near them, so the chances of any extraterrestrials around them are pretty slim.

However, the other two stars keep their distance. So it’s technically possible that there could be some exoplantes orbiting them and watching the other two binary systems from afar.

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