US based start-up Aevum has unveiled a fully self driving drone, Ravn X, designed to deliver satellites to space as fast as every three hours. It includes rockets that will drop out of its belly in midair and shoot a satellite into space.

Ravn X is “world largest drone”. A colossal rocket launching drone is just one small part of Aevum’s bid to become the ‘Amazon of space,’ the startup’s founder says.

Once Ravn X reaches the right location, speed, and altitude, it’s two stage rocket is designed to drop, ignite Within half a second, and launch a roughly 100-kilogram (220-lb) payload into low-earth orbit.

The approach is similar to air launched rocket systems developed by virgin orbits and Pegasus, though Skylus claims Aevum’s unmanned version is more efficient, cost effective, and enterprising.

More than 100 startup’s like Aevum exist in a pool of companies hoping to dominate the small launch industry, or rockets able to fly payloads 1,000 pounds or less orbit.

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