Time and distance have always been our barrier in exploring the depths of the space. While there is no possible way to get rid of that barrier as of now, Scientists have been working on finding pathways to our nearest celestial objects, that take the least amount of time.

A published paper on science advances talks about a possible superhighway through our solar system. A celestial highway through our cosmic backyard that would capable of reducing the travel time of a space rock between Jupiter and Neptune – to a decade, instead of thousands of years.

To discover this superhighway, the team observed the structures between objects from asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. These structures formed a series of connected arches inside space. These arches are connected with gravitational interactions between objects.

This connection is a pathway that would enable fast transportation into the edges and depths of our solar system. This works because of the gravitation pull that is felt from the next object can be used to increase our speed in that direction.

It is kind of like running down a slope. It just helps us move faster on the road ahead. However, we are yet to find out how “fast” the things will get exactly. As of now, with the probes we have created, it would take us around 80,000 years to travel outside our solar system.

Further study on this topic might help us send our spacecrafts to distant parts of the solar system at a faster speed.

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