Mars is losing its atmosphere faster than earth, and dust storms are speeding up this process go and found by ISRO’s MOM and NASA’s MAVEN.

Mars is losing it’s atmosphere because of the planetary level dust storms which are healing up the Mars causing aerosols to heal more and extend the atmosphere to higher altitudes eventually loosing it.


Radiation levels on the moon’s surface are 200 to 1,000 times more than that on Earth’s surface and 2.6 times more than what astronauts onboard the ISS are exposed to, as from data collected by China’s change 4 lander.

Two types of primary radiations are responsible for radiation on moon:

  1. galactic cosmic Ray’s (GCR)
  2. Solar particle event (SPE)

The research on moon is done in extended solar minimal so it only provides us GCR data, but scientists have set an upper limit to it to make it near to reality.

From this research it can be understood that the moon habitats must have 50.80cm thick wall and it not then walks will start radiations themselves which makes secondary radiation on moon.

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