The dangerous myth of virginity goes a step further when we think about its most associated word The Hymen! Also known as that Extra Tissue.

The Extra tissue around the Edge of the vaginal opening, the false story that most people believe if a girl’s Hymen breaks, the first time she has sex, she should “Definitely” bleed and after that, the Hymen will just Disappear.

Imagine! We let little girls grow up believing that their first intimate experience must always involve pain we throw around terms like Deflowering or Popping the cherry. As if we believe that woman permanently lose a part of themselves after having sex, the Hymen actually has NO purpose.

The medical experts says: some girls aren’t even born with it IF A GIRLS HAS ONE? It’s flexible enough to stretch and no, the Hymen does not magically disappear.

So to sum all of it up you simply cannot look in between a girl’s legs and judge her whole story. This is why it’s Ridiculous that “virginity checks” even exist! And the United Nations confirms at least 20 countries still practice it, in countries like Indonesia or Egypt, Female Prisoners or Woman Joining the Military are forced to undergo these humiliating procedures. And some cultures displaying sheets with blood stains after a honeymoon is considered Tradition to confirm the bride’s sexual purity meanwhile the husband doesn’t have to prove anything.


If you are someone who’s scared of injections, consider yourself lucky to be healed by 21st-century doctors. Many of us know that if we were born back in the day and cut our hand with a metal wires, sawing off the arm would have been the go-to option!

However, the world’s fastest surgeon also had the envious award for being the only surgeon to achieve a 300% mortality rate! Robert Liston was born in 1794 in Exclesmachan, Scotland and came to be known as the world’s fastest surgeon because he could perform amputations within 5 minutes!

He had a good track record. Back then, the doctors would normally lose 1 in 4 patients during amputations. Liston lost just 1 in 10 patients. Anesthesia wasn’t there and the only alternative to get knocked out for surgery was not to get punched in the face by a medieval Dwayne Johnson! Hence doctors had to be nimble.

Liston was an excellent surgeon during his time and always asked to be timed when he performed the surgery. However, one of his surgeries perhaps went down as his most famous one. In 1847, Liston was determined to quickly finish a leg amputation. Crowds gathered to watch, and the equipment was laid.

Liston then proceeded to slice of the patient’s leg on a flat table within 25 seconds. He was so focused that he ended up slicing his assistant’s two fingers off, and once done, he took the knife up, only to slice a spectator’s tailcoats. The spectator thought he had cut through him and dropped on the floor.

Within 30 seconds, the surgery was successful. However, a few days later, the patient died form gangrene, Liston’s assistant died with sepsis, and the inquisitive spectator died with no injuries but from the shock of him being cut open!

However, this surgery did not harm Liston’s reputation of being one of the world’s most excellent surgeons at that time.


Elon Musk – arguably the most loved CEO of the Twitterati has once again become the centre of lawsuits and media reports. But this time it is not any rival or an elite figure that’s challenging him- he is facing the heat from an Indian – American youth.

While he has a huge fanbase, there are many critics of his companies as well – from business executives such as Jeff Bezos to a global anonymous group called ‘$TSLAQ’.

According to reports, the members of this group include former Tesla employees and graduate students, many of whom often take to social media and other platforms to criticize Tesla and Musk.

While most of the members remain anonymous, the identity of an indian-American graduate student Randeep Hothi was revealed by another anonymous Twitter handle. Since then, Hothi’s life has turned upside down.

While he has been a critic of Elon musk for years, the rivalry of sorts started when he tried to visit Tesla’s Fremont sales centre in California in 2019 and was stopped and sent away by the security guard. After the incident, Hothi claimed that he was being followed by the electronic vehicle company.

As we all know, Musk often doesn’t why away from commenting on such issues on Twitter. After the incident musk tweeted that Hothi was a “liar”. He also tagged Volkswagen in a tweet, asking about Hothi’s connections to the company.

Following the tweet, Hothi was on the receiving end of a viral hate campaign and racial abuse online, due to which Hothi ended up tweeting, “This is my promise. Tesla is a zero. Elon musk will go to prison”. He soon filed defamation case against Musk, claiming that the latter spurred a hate campaign against him.

After the yearlong case, in what appears to be Hothi’s first win, California state judge Julia Spain of Alameda country Superior Court stated that Hothi’s lawsuit had merit and even said that he could win, according to news 18.


They lived in castle, with walls of gritty stone, floor made of medieval marble, overlooking the deep blue Waters of the Mediterranean Sea as they sipped sweet wine from the gold- encrusted chalices…if you imagined yourself in this, then congratulations! You have just rewired your brain. But how?!

Simple, you taught yourself something new by reading. Surprised? Well, according to neuroscience, you must keep reading more books (those Instagram and Twitter fight threads won’t rewire your brain but will rather fry it, literally!) This habit is very common among successful people.

Studies have revealed that reading transforms our brain for the better. Need evidence? Well, a study has revealed that short term reading helps individuals develop more empathy and a higher EQ (Emotional Quotient). This happens when readers put themselves in the character’s shoes and imagine their life according to the storyline.

While deep reading for an extended amount of time enables your brain to grasp complex designs and improve focus, when you are a bookworm, you’ve completely changed your brain for the better. How? Well, according to Harvard professor Joseph Henrich, your brain has undergone a renovation.

  • You’ve renovated a specialized area in you left ventral occipital temporal region.
  • Transfered facial recognition to your right hemisphere.
  • Reduced your need for holistic visual stimulation.
  • Increased your verbal memory.
  • Thickened your corpus callosum; a vital information bridge that connects the left and right hemispheres of your brain.

But by reducing or not reading at all, your brain will lose some vital abilities including concentration and understanding. So reading is a win-win for both yourself and your brain. Now that you’ve read this far, you’re rewired your brain once again!


Sapiosexual, clever or intelligent, the Latin word of the word consisting of the merger of Sapi and Sexualis.

In simple terms, we can summarize the definition of Les I love his brain in bilateral relations.

Sapiosexual people are generally the ones who like intellectuality, intelligence and clever humor.

Sapiosexuality in the state of being fully, affected by intelligence.

Excellence and perfectionism are very common among sapiosexual people.

In a new dating environment, sapiosexual often use their preferences for cultural environments.

The first time they talk to people they talk about business life first. Certainly, they prefer to explain their ideas to the repression.

Sapiosexual people often love to exchange ideas with the people they talk to.

If you’re one of those who are strong and have a wit- like ability; you might think you’re a sapiosexual.

They like to like things that are not trendy and popular, but that they don’t know and don’t see.

Sapiosexes love to move every thing that is popular in mind and logic. Certainly, they prefer to explain their ideas to are repression.

If you are attracted to the rules of writing a person who speaks well and it is more attractive then a self-attracted person, you’re a sapiosexual.


During the turmoil of the Chinese cultural Revolution, it wasn’t an uncommon sight when a 12-year old young boy dropped out of school because his parents were persecuted by the authorities. But little did anyone know, that this young boy would one day become Asia’s richest person.

Zhong’s Shanshan tried his hands at jobs in various fields such as journalism, construction, beverage sales, mushroom farming and health care. Later he decided to start his own company, and that is when his story turned from rags to riches.

The turning point in his career came in April 2020, when his firm ‘Beijing Wantai Biological pharmacy enterprise Co.’ went public, and months later his firm Nongfu spring Co., a bottled water manufacturer and China’s largest beverage company became one of the hottest listings in Hong Kong.

Zhong’s firm, Wantai, is among those developing a COVID-19 Vaccine. While Zhong’s bottled water company Nongfu spring Co, headquartered in Hangzhou in China’s Zhejiang province, is Hong Kong’s most popular one among retail investors.

Nongfu shares have jumped 155% since their debut, and Wantai’s are up more than 2,000%. In what is being called as ‘one of the fastest accumulation of wealth in history,’ Zhong’s business surged from $70.9 billion to $77.8 billion this year.

According to the Bloomberg billionaires index, Zhong’s net worth has grown massively during 2020, making him the 11th- richest person on the planet. The former journalist has now surpassed India’s Mukesh Ambani and China’s tech titans including Jack Ma.

Mukesh Ambani was at one point the world’s fourth richest person. While his fortune surged by more than $16.4 billion this year, the shares of his Reliance Industries Ltd. Have stalled due to mounting pressure to deliver on the digital transformation he promised.


What if universally celebrated and everyone’s favorite Christmas character-santa claus – was a drug consuming shaman? And instead of gifts, he just brought wisdom and solutions to people’s problems? Do you reckon he’d still be as popular as the western pop culture has made him?

The origin of santa Claus can be traced back to numerous traditions and theories, like the story of saint Nicholas, a fourth-centuray Greek saint known for his generosity. Santa claus’ exemplar image can be dated to hundreds of years and even be found in the most unpredictable places and times.

Since the pre-christian era, this time of year has been associated with festivities and celebration’s. For example, Germanic people’s had the midwinter festival, yule, with occured around the winter solstice (21st December). The Romans also celebrated saturnalia, a celebration in honour of the god Saturn held on 17th December through 23rd December.

According to a new theory, Santa’s legend was born out of ancient shamans that existed in the region between Finland and Sweden. His origins can be interpreted from shamanic traditions followed by the Sami people indigenous to “Lapland”. The area is part of present day Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia.

Studies on the use of psychoactive elements in religious and ancient culturals rituals have found that Sami shamans of Lapland consumed a psychoactive and toxic mushroom called Amanita muscaria-‘the Holy mushroom.’

The mushroom allegedly gave psychic abilities and helped people to connect to supernatural realms. It is said that among the Sami, there was belief that those who consumed Amanita muscaria started to look like one with red blotches and a round figure.

This image of the shaman, who rode in on reindeer-pulled sleds and entered locals’ tents from the chimney, due to snow at the front doors, might have given the basis for the lore of santa. The shamans collected Amanita muscaria, dried them, and then gave them as gifts on the winter solstice.

The shaman was paid in food for the good news he brought, much like santa Claus paid in milk and cookies for all the gifts he brings. Researchers believe that the “gifts” that ancient shamans brought were more spiritual rather than worldly.


“Mr postman, can you take this to heaven for my dad’s birthday. Thanks.”, Wrote 7-year-old Jase Copland across the envelope when he mailed his birthday card to his dad who passed away.

Words can’t describe his emotion when he received delivery confirmation and a reply from Royal mail. “Dear Jase,” the reply read. “I will continue to do all I can to ensure delivery to heaven safely”, signed by Sean Milligan, office manager for Royal Mail.

Amazed by the unexpected act of kindness, Jase’s mom, Teri Copland, posted photos of the letters on Facebook. “I actually cannot state how emotional he is knowing his dad got the card,” she shared. “It honestly means the world to him.”


The ‘siberian unicorn’ (Elasmotherium) reproduction sculpture.

Elasmotherium was a genus of large rhinoceros endemic to Eurasia during the late pliocene through the pleistocene existing from 2.6 Ma to at least as late as 39,000 years ago in the late plesitocene. A more recent date of 26,000 BP is considered less reliable.

Three species are recognized. The best known, E. Sibiricum, or Siberian unicorn was the size of a mammoth and is thought to have borne a large, thick horn on its forhead.

Theories about the function of his horn include defense against predators, attracting mates, driving away competitors, sweeping snow from the grass in winter, and digging for water and plant roots. Like all rhinoceroses, elasmotheres were herbivores. Unlike any other rhinos, its high crowned molars were ever growing.

The known specimens of E. sibiricum reach up to 4.5m (15ft) in body length with shoulder heights over 2m (6ft 7 in) while E. Caucasicum reaches at least 5m (16ft) in body length with an estimated mass of 3.6-4.5 tonnes (4-5 short tons), based an isolated molars that significantly exceed those known from the Siberian species. Bother species were among the largest in the family Rhinocerotidae.


Back in 2018, the staff at sea life Sydney Aquarium, Australia, noticed a same sex penguin couple – Sphen and Magic. The two male penguins used to take swims together and were rarely apart.

Soon after the breeding season started, the caring couple began collecting stones for their nest. Then the staff noticed they were trying to hatch a rock. Impressed how well Sphen and Magic cared for their “egg”, the zookeepers placed a real egg for them to foster.

Everyone at the Aquarium was happy when the proud dad’s gave life to their first Chick – Lara. This year, Sphen and Magic become foster parents again. They have successfully nurtured an egg for the second time.

“The parent birds treat the chick as their own. They lovingly feed it, keep it warm, and defend it from any passers by,”the zookeepers said.


Solar technology is at its boom and researchers across the globe are trying to find ways to optimize it. In a breakthrough, researchers at the UK’s Lancaster University have studied a crystalline material that can store the energy for several months.

The material is known as a metal organic framework (MOF), in which carbon based molecules from structures by linking metal ions. MOFs are porous, so they can form composite materials with other small molecules.

The researchers added molecules of the light-absorbing compound azobenzene to MOF. The finished material was able to store energy from UV light for at least four months at room temperature.

The azobenzene acts as a photo switch a molecular machine that responds to an external stimulus such as light or heat. Under UV light, the molecules change shape while staying in the MOF por framework, effectively storing the energy.

This feature could offer the potential to capture solar energy during the summer months so that it could be used in winter when the sunlight becomes sparse.

The would also prove to be invaluable for setting up things such as heating systems in remote locations and can further prove to be an innovation towards establishing an environmentally-friendly supplement to conventional heating in houses and offices.


The time travel has definitely crossed most of our minds, thanks to the incredible images painted by sci-fi. But, have you ever thought of dialling up your past self even as you stay in the present?

No, we are not talking about some voodoo magic! Science is the magic in itself here and physics supports the theory of calling your past. All you need is something that can surpass the speed of light. Enter tachyons.

What are tachyons?

They are hypothetical particles, with negative mass, negative energy and speed faster than light. Albert Einstein proposed that their existence can affect causality (the relationship between causes and effects) paradoxically. Yes, we feel that our basic school lessons were lies too!

Einstein’s thought was followed by Arnold sommerfield in 1910 and later Richard Chace Tolman in 1917. The whole experiment “to telegraph into the past” is hence known as Tolman’s paradox.

But, how do they help in contacting your past self?

Theory of special relativity states that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. But if something does, it can travel backward in time. In this case, an “effect” would happen before the “cause” – for instance, a baby swinging before he gets a push. Didn’t seem so complicated when the flash did it.

Further, Gregory Benford, an American fiction author and astrophysicist, used theory to call a device that can telegraph the past; a tachyonic antitelephone. Although the current scientific knowledge does not support this device, but in theory, it is possible.

If somehow we do make the existence of tachyons possible, we would also have to rewrite the fundamentals of physics. Like Einstein mentioned, this could be ‘spooky’ and ‘hard-to-beleive’ and viable only if the hypothetical tachyon exists.


The UK government has said a new mutation of the coronavirus is “out of control” in parts of england and speeding rapidly. The latest figures show more than 35,000 new infection’s, many in London and the south east.

Several countries have announced that they are banning travel from the UK – with France suspending passenger and some freight transport. The port of Dover has temporarily been closed.

New restrictions have come into force for 18 million people in England and 3 million in Wales.

In England areas within the new Tier 4 rules include London, Kent and most of Essex. People have told to stay home with non-essential shops closed. Christmas mixing of households will not be permitted.

The festive rules have changed in the rest of England too with a gathering only now allowed on Christmas day.


The race to vaccinate the world against a once-in-a-century pandemic has begun in an all-too-familiar: Every country for itself. Rich nation’s have gobbled up nearly all the global supply of the two leading Covid-19 vaccines through the end of 2021, leaving many middle-income countries to turn to unproven drugs developed by China and Russia while poorer states face long wait for their first doses.


Be sci-fi, conspiracy theories or real life, we have romanticised the idea of finding life on other planets for a very long time, and now Scientists have collected the first possible radio signal from an exoplanet system about 51 light years away.

Scientists at Cornell University were studying three different stars that are known to host exoplantes and one star system stood out: Tau Bootes, which contains at least one exoplanet.

Using the low frequency array (LOFAR), a radio telescope in the Netherlands, the researchers uncovered emission bursts from the Tau Bootes star- system.

The significant radio signature is a unique potential window to the planets magnetic field.

Observing an exoplantes magnetic field helps astronomers understand a planets interior and atmospheric properties, as well as the star-planet interactions.

Just like the Earth’s magnetic field protects our atmosphere and helps the living beings to thrive, magnetic field on other planets could also be doing the same.

The radio detection can also help us examine alien world’s that are tens light-years away.


Martin Laurello was born in 1889 and came to the United States from Germany in the early 1920s. Laurello used to perform for crowds at the coney Island Dreamland circus sideshow, the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey show.

He also got the chance to appear at Ripley’s believe It or Not in 1930s. Ripley advertised him as ‘ the only one in the world who can walk straight ahead and look straight behind.’

Laurello’s turning neck earned him as much as $50 a week. The exact cause of how he could turn his head is not known, but he claimed that spent three years slowly twisting his head further and further.


Due to the pandemic, on March 23, 2020, 138 countries ordered national school closures, while more had localised closures.


Countries with country-wide or localized school lockdown

In India more than 32 crores of students have been affected by the various restrictions and the nationwide lockdown for COVID-19.

As per UNESCO report, about 14 crores of primary and 13 crores of secondary students are affected which are two mostly affected levels in India.


COVID–19 pandemic is raging on and while it has had a lasting impact across the world, it has also left a dent on education.

Even through remote learning seems like a viable option, large parts of the world don’t even have access to it.

According to a recent UNICEF report, at least 460 million students across the globe cannot be reached with remote learning programs, because they simply lack access to the necessary devices or infrastructure.


US based start-up Aevum has unveiled a fully self driving drone, Ravn X, designed to deliver satellites to space as fast as every three hours. It includes rockets that will drop out of its belly in midair and shoot a satellite into space.

Ravn X is “world largest drone”. A colossal rocket launching drone is just one small part of Aevum’s bid to become the ‘Amazon of space,’ the startup’s founder says.

Once Ravn X reaches the right location, speed, and altitude, it’s two stage rocket is designed to drop, ignite Within half a second, and launch a roughly 100-kilogram (220-lb) payload into low-earth orbit.

The approach is similar to air launched rocket systems developed by virgin orbits and Pegasus, though Skylus claims Aevum’s unmanned version is more efficient, cost effective, and enterprising.

More than 100 startup’s like Aevum exist in a pool of companies hoping to dominate the small launch industry, or rockets able to fly payloads 1,000 pounds or less orbit.


Have you ever done something stupid and heard your brain go, you’re such a stupid duck or did something amazing and heard yourself go Bravo? Well, some people never have an inner voice telling them what to do.

A study conducted by psychologist Russell Hurlburt at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, revealed that several people don’t have an inner voice. With the help of his patented beepers which went off at random times, volunteers were made to note what they internally experienced at that moment.

Intentionally to beepers only went off a few times. After that, researchers asked the volunteers what they were experiencing internally when the beepers went off, were they having any visualizations, tactile (touch) sensations, emotions or an inner voice. This is called descriptive experience sampling (DES).

The first day the answers were vague. However, as participants got comfortable with the DES, the researchers found answers. The average frequency of inner speaking overall was at 26% when people experienced an inner monologue.

The range of percentages varied from 100%, where people always had some sort of inner monologue whenever the beeper went off to 0% where people never had an inner voice at all. Through the exact percentage is not known, there is a significant amount of people who never have an inner voice.

But those who do have one, have you ever wondered where does your inner voice come from? A sensory signal known as corollary discharge can distinguish between inner sensations and external sensations. This plays an important role in inner speech. You can even get it when you’re stressed.

So, if you love having those monologues inside your head or even singing to yourself or even if you don’t have a voice at all, you are as unique as everyone else.


Ancient Earth as we know must have been a place unimaginable for us humans. Currently, it’s all beautiful with lovely green canopies and deep blue but would you imagine cliff jumping into oceans stained pinks and purples? Researchers discover that’s what earth looked like back in the day!

This is also the Earth’s oldest colour. Researchers discovered the pink pigments from fossils of cyanobacteria excavated from the Sahara desert in Mauritania, west Africa. It’s assumed that cyanobacteria survived on sunlight and were a dominant life on Earth untill 650 million years ago.

The study published in the journal of the national academy of sciences reveals that chlorophyll present in them wasn’t the luscious green we popularly know today but was rather dark red and purple in it’s concentrated form. When mixed with soil or water it releases a pinkish hue.

Although a rare fossil, it is believed that these cyanobacteria were formed due to a bloom sinking below to the ocean floor where oxygen couldn’t reach and thus prevent their decay. Over time, the bloom fossilized and the rock remained unshaken for many years to come.

Thia means that along with unbearable temperatures, Earth resembled a sphere of cotton candy, which wouldn’t be too enjoyable to eat.


Time and distance have always been our barrier in exploring the depths of the space. While there is no possible way to get rid of that barrier as of now, Scientists have been working on finding pathways to our nearest celestial objects, that take the least amount of time.

A published paper on science advances talks about a possible superhighway through our solar system. A celestial highway through our cosmic backyard that would capable of reducing the travel time of a space rock between Jupiter and Neptune – to a decade, instead of thousands of years.

To discover this superhighway, the team observed the structures between objects from asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. These structures formed a series of connected arches inside space. These arches are connected with gravitational interactions between objects.

This connection is a pathway that would enable fast transportation into the edges and depths of our solar system. This works because of the gravitation pull that is felt from the next object can be used to increase our speed in that direction.

It is kind of like running down a slope. It just helps us move faster on the road ahead. However, we are yet to find out how “fast” the things will get exactly. As of now, with the probes we have created, it would take us around 80,000 years to travel outside our solar system.

Further study on this topic might help us send our spacecrafts to distant parts of the solar system at a faster speed.


The Mainichi Shimbunsha published a “Green newspaper” issue, embedded with seeds that grew into herbs and flowers when planted.

The special edition dedicated to environmental awareness was printed on 100% biodegradable paper, using plant-based ink. Once read, the paper could be torn into small pieces and planted in soil.

The plantable newspaper initiative reached 4.6 million people and generated over $700,000 for the publisher, as well as a large amount of TV and internet press.

The initiative showed how the newspaper industry can reach huge amounts of people, while still giving back to the earth – literally.


In 1977, Adam Ismail, Mustafa Khalil and Abdullah al-umari filed a lawsuit claiming that they had inherited Mars, (yes the entire planet) from their ancestors 3,000 years ago.

They demanded suspension of all operations on Mars untill the court delivered a verdict. They were upset over the fact that rover sojourner and Pathfinder spacecraft, landed on Mars and started exploring the planet without their approval!

They asked NASA to refrain from disclosing any information about the planet. They wanted NASA to first get their approval before releasing any information about the Mars atmosphere, surface or gravity!

After a good chuckle, NASA news chief Brian Welch told CNN, “Mars is a planet out in the solar system that is property of all humanity, not two or three guys in Yemen.”

1967 treaty holds that everything in the solar system, except earth is the property of everyone in the world and not one country or an individual.

While this news might have been heart breaking for the three men in Yemen. It is a good news for all the space lovers, we have all of the space to ourselves! It is ours to study and understand in all its mystery with a mind full of awe.

Enjoy it while it is free to do so!


Ahh the wonderful universe, with it’s lovely galaxies and vibrant cosmic clouds and enigmatic planets, everyone is left enchanted by it. But many of us wonder, despite the universe having gigantic sources emitting powerful amounts of light, why is space still black in colour?

A region with no light is usually dark or black with nothing visible, but the universe is full of light and vibrant, so why is most of it still black? The answer isn’t quite complicated, generally light travels in a straight path.

However, deviations occur if a lens obstructs it’s path or if reaches a reflective surface and bounces off. Usually, space doesn’t have a lens or a mirror-like surface and is mostly empty. If you still can’t get it then imagine a laser pointer from a laser toy.

Point the laser at a plain surface and you will only see a red dot but you won’t see the beam of light and it’s rays making up the bright red dot. This is because all the light has been concentrated on one spot and doesn’t have anything to deviate its path.

The universe behaves in the same manner. Since, most of outer space is empty, imagine that as a plain surface while the sources of light as laser and you will see heavenly bodies and gas clouds floating around in a black background.


NASA revealed the 18 astronauts names on December 9 at Kennedy space center in Florida. It’s currently targeting a 2024 human landing. Among the astronauts announced today is one of the five NASA crew members currently living and working in orbit.

Kate rubin’s was selected in the astronaut class of 2009 and arrived at the international space station in October for a six-month stint. The fight is her second; she also flew in 2016.

During that mission, Rubin’s became the first Scientist to sequence DNA in orbit. The Artemis astronaut cadre also includes christina Koch, who was selected to train as an astronaut in 2013 and has flown to space once, spending 328 days in the second longest single flight by an American astronaut in 2019 and 2020.

During her time in orbit, she participated in six spacewalks, including three with colleague Jessica Meir that were the first all-woman space walks.


Viewing or selling pornography in North Korea is seen as a punishable offense, and the offender is punished by death. North Korean government keeps a strict tab on internet activity and has command over internet activities.

Adding to this, even radio and TV sets are configured in North Korea so that the citizens cannot tune into anything other than the domestic broadcasts.

In 2014, North Korea reportedly publicly executed 80 people for watch south Korean television shows, and 10,000 people, including children, were forced authorities to watch the execution.

Also, anyone who is caught criticizing the regime is sent to an educational camp for correction.


From world biggest economics to the smallest villages, everyone is trying to find greener and cleaner sources of energy and cut down the consumption of fossils fuels. Researchers from IIT Mandi to have a solution and all we would need to do is walk.

The researchers have developed a way to optimize the use of piezoelectric materials which interconvert mechanical energy when they come under stress. Basically the movement of people, vehicles etc would activate these materials. For the unversed, materials like bone crystals (e.g. quartz) and ceramics (e.g.lead zirconate titanate) are the most common ones with piezoelectric properties.

While the idea sounds cool, there’s one big roadblock. The energy produced by the materials is extremely low which limits their applications. But the researchers have found a way around that too with ‘ graded polling’.

Dr Rahul vaish, one of the lead researchers said in a statement, “we have developed a technique known as “graded poling” to enhance the power output of piezoelectric materials by more than 100 times”.

The researchers used several numerical techniques to utilize multiple mechanical stresses – bending, compressive and tensile stresses at the top and bottom of the piezoelectric beams in order to significantly improve the electrical output.

While more research on this underway, the applications look promising. According to the team it includes generating power from the soles of footwear equipped with these materials or developing smart devices that could be powered simply by human motion.


Mankind has made contact with an alien ‘Galactic Federation’ but it has been kept secret because ‘ humanity isn’t ready’, former head Israel’s space security program claims.

Professer Eshed ( formed Israeli security chief) also claimed Us president Donald Trump had been on the verge of disclosing the existence of aliens to the world, but the “Galactic Federation” had pressured him not to.

Do you think mankind is not ready? Why? When will we be ready? Don’t you think it is smiliar to the book “The Hitchhikers guide to Galaxy?”

Here is some reporting on this claim:

A retired Israeli general has claimed humanity has already made contact not just with aliens, but with a “Galactic Federation”.

Speaking to one of Israel’s most popular news outlets, yediot Aharonot, 87 year old professor Haim Eshed claimed that the majority of humanity had been kept unaware of the contact as the world was not deemed to be ready for the news.

Professer Eshed rab Israel’s national space security program for 30 years and has won the Israel security award three times.

Professer Eshed ran Israel’s national space security program for 30 years and has won the Israel’s security award three times.

A former Israeli security claims humanity has already made contact with aliens. He claimed US president Donald Trump had been on the verge of disclosing the existence of aliens to the world, but that the “Galactic Federation” had pressured him not do.

The secrecy notwithstanding, professor Eshed said aliens and US Scientists were working together in an underground base on Mars to unravel the mysterious of the universe.

Professer Eshed claimed he was only revealing this information now because he had built the academic reputation to back it up.

“if I had come with what I’m saying today five years ago. I would have been hospitalized,” he said.

Professer Eshed did not provide any evidence of communication with aliens to the news outlets.

In April, the Pentagon relesed three videos of unidentified aerial phonomena, but noted that the term “UFA” did not necessarily refer to suspected aliens encounter’s.


While the world is rapidly running towards a digital era, countless people don’t have the money to even buy a smartphone and if they somehow arrange the money, well, they don’t have network connectivity to make use of the whole wide world of the Internet.

So, how we fix this? Google’s parent company Alphabet has a potential solution – a huge balloon! Yes, alphabet’s “Loon” division is now using dozens of floating balloons to provide internet to rural areas around the world.

Earlier this year, it launched its first commerical service in Kenya. Alastair Westgarth, Loon’s CEO, said that 4G LTE service will be provided to people in rural parts of Kenya via a fleet of around 35 balloons, covering an area of around 50,000 square kilometers across Western and Central areas of the country, including it’s capital, Nairobi.

So, how does this balloon work?

According to their official website, a loon flight system consists of three main components:

The balloon keeps the system aloft;

The ‘bus’ contains all the hardware required for navigation and safe operations;

They payload that’s mounted on the bus is essentially a floating a cell tower, housing all the communications equipment required to connect users below.

These tennis court-sized balloons are powered by solar panels and hover at a height of roughly 20 km. To navigate around the globe, these use Artificial intelligence which contains set of algorithms bother written and exceuted by a deep reinforcement learning based flight control system.

The AI uses historical weather patterns and current reports to decide if the balloon should rise or drop its altitude to find the best wind to maintain it’s position. In the near future, it might also track animal migration and climate change, according to the report in the journal nature.

They stop up in the air for over 100 days before coming back down to earth, thus acting as a “floating network of cell towers,” providing internet to vast lands where service is not available. Instead of delivering connectivity from the ground through cell towers and cables, or from space via satellite, loon says it is building a “third layer” in the stratosphere.

The company’s balloons have already provided internet connectivity in disaster hit areas such as in Peru after an earthquake in 2019. This is the first time that they have launched the project as part of a large scale commerical deployment.


This trick known as “animal hypnosis” or “tonic immobility” as per Dimitrios beredimas, an agronomist. It is quite different from the usual kind of hypnosis.

So the trick is to hold the bird head on the ground and draw a straight line using a stick, a finger, chalk etc.

Remember the line must start at the peak and extend straight outward in front of the chicken. If the method is correct, the chicken will be put into a state of insensibility and will lie still for anywhere between 30 seconds to 30 minutes!

It may take few tries to de – hypnotize the bird. To do so just clap your hands or give It a gentle push.

Animal hypnosis is what researchers call “a fear – potentiated response. “In short, the chicken (or any other animal) is convinced that it is going to die and goes into a cationic state.

Doesn’t it sound way more frightening than hypnotizing humans?


Skoda and technical University of Ostrava are collaborating on new technologies for assistance systems as part of their join ” follow the vehicle” project.

The principal behind the “follow the vehicle” project is “two cars, one driver”.

The lead vehicle is driven by a human, determining route, speed, Lane and other parameters.

Data required for steering input, acceleration and braking is transmitted to the autonomous car by radio, which follows the lead vehicle at a distance of up to ten meters.

Fading Away

Fading away,

Into familiar voices from yesterday,

Into smell of rain like a fresh bouquet,

And I can hear the words you say,

All our down time, take back our sunday’s

Fading away,

Into tattered secrets we would never betray,

Into the songs of our hearts happiness of yesterday,

And hearing you footsteps one last time

Fading away…


We all are different,

We have different aspirations,

Our interests are different,

Who excites us differs too, is it?

Then why we all ends up,

Living almost the same way?

Why still newness is unique,

We do similar stuff, same things we say,

Then why this blind rush to be different,

Have you ever thought about it?

Even our longing to be different is same,

You and me, are same to same.


My legs hug each other,

As I sit in lotus pose,

Hands in dhyaan mudra,

As if I am holding a rose,

I take a deep breath,

Filling my lungs with cool air,

Most of it I can’t explain,

Whatever grasp, I try to share,

I close my eyes,

A plethora of thoughts starts now,

I just try to be aware of them, now

Slowly thought reduces,

I take first bite of stillness,

Meditation is true bliss,

Not just mere happiness.


“Busy life Syndrome” is a real disorder causing forgetfulness and lack of concentration in people who take in too much information daily.

We live in a fast growing, technology dependant world, with no time to spare for ourselves. Busy life Syndrome (BLS) is a type of memory loss. The cause of busy life Syndrome can be a hectic life, sleep deprivation, and endless work hours, leading to memory loss and lack of concentration.

However, diagnosis is purely based on clinical history; people hardly worry about the symptoms. Treatment requires a balanced life, sufficient rest, a healthy lifestyle.

BLS is so common that people hardly worry about it; they only seek help when disabilities get serious. In fact in some cases, it has led to an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

One or the other way we all suffer from BLS, if you can, what is the one thing you’d like to change in your schedule?


A new study has found they dust is also cabable of inducing the melting of polar caps. Like greenhouse gases wheren’t enough, now dust flowing on top of the snowy mountains can cause the snow to melt faster. and this phenomenon is known as the albedo effect.

Dust particles have the capability absorbing sunlight and start heating everything In it’s surrounding. Of course, we’re not referring to small fluff of dust after you hit an ancient object, it has to be a lot of dust that would be able to heat it’s surroundings.

Moving to the albedo effect, albedo is a measure of the diffusion of solar radiation. To summarize, when the dust particles arrive in snowy areas, being darker than snow, they reduce the ability of snow to effect the sunlight, causing it to heat up sooner.

As per study published in nature climate change, another culprit behind melting snow caps are the dust particles blowing hundred of miles from parts of Asia and Africa and landing at highly elevated areas covered with snow, causing it to melt. It is these dust particles that are polluting the snow and reducing its albedo.

Winters have already started losing days as heat continues to take over our planet. With current emissions going at the same rate it predicted that the Arctic will soon start experiencing snow free periods.

This natural phenomenon would not have been as disruptive and alarming as it is now due to the added effects of the greenhouse gases. It is not just the polar ice caps that are falling prey to dust. The Himalayas too are next in line.

An estimated 5 billion tons of desert dust appears into earths atmosphere every year and some of it makes its way to the Himalayas and accelerates snowmelt, according to study by scientists at UCLA.

The snow is melting, and scientists are trying to find a solution to this. Do you think they can find one in time?

The cocoon & The butterfly

A small crack appeared on a cocoon. The man sat for hours and watched carefully the struggles of the butterfly to get out of that small crack of cocoon.

Then the butterfly stop striving. It seemed that she was exhausted and couldn’t go on trying.

The man decided to help the poor creature. The widened the crack by scissors, the butterfly came out of cocoon easily, but her body was tiny and her wings were wrinkled.

The man continued watching the butterfly. He expected to see her wings become expanded protect her body. But it didn’t happen!

As a matter of fact, the butterfly had to crawl on the ground for the rest of her life, for she could never fly.

The kind man didn’t realize that God had arranged the limitation of cocoon and also the struggle for butterfly to get out of it, so that a certain fluid could be discharged from her body to enable her to fly afterward.

Sometimes struggling Is the only thing we need to do. If god had provided us with an easy to live without any difficulties then we become paralyzed, couldn’t become strong and could not fly.

The wise man story

People have been coming to the wise man, complaining about the same problems everytime.

one day he told them a joke and everyone roared in laughter.

After a couple of minutes, her told them the same joke and only a few of them smiled.

When he told the same joke for the third time no one laughed anymore, the wise man smiled and said:

“you can’t laughed at the same joke over and over. So why are you always crying about the same problem”?

Moral of the story: worrying won’t solve your problems, it’ “just waste your time and energy”.

New super enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster

This is new MHETase – PETase enzyme. Jointly developed by U.K and U.S scientists. It was inspired by Japanese.

A super enzyme that degrades plastic bottles six time faster, than before has been created by scientists and could be used for recycling within a year or two.

The super enzyme derived from bacteria that naturally evalvuated the ability to eat plastic, enables the full recycling of the bottles.

Scientists believe combining it with enzymes that break down cotton could also allow mixed fabric clothing to be recycled.

Today, millions of tonnes of such clothing is either dumbed in landfill or incinerated.

Plastic pollution has contaminated the whole planet, from the Arctic to the deepest oceans, and people are now known to consume and breathe microplastic particules.

The super enzyme was engineered by linking two separate enzymes, both of which were found in the plastic eating bug discovered at a Japanese waste site in 2016.

The researchers revealed an engineered version of the first enzyme in 2018, which started breaking down the plastic in a few days.

But the super enzyme gets to work six times faster. “When we linked the enzymes, rather unexpectedly, we got a dramatic increase in activity”, said Prof John MCGeehan, at the University of protsmouth, UK.

This is a trajectory towards trying to make faster enzymes that are more industrialy relevant.

The new super enzyme works at room temperature, and MCGeehan said combining different approaches could speed progress towards commerical use: ” if we can make better, faster enzyme by linking them together and provide them to companies like carbios, and work in partnership, we could start doing this within the next year or two”.

The 2018 work hard determined that the structure of one enzyme, called PETase , can attack the hard, crystalline surface of plastic bottles.

They found, by accident that one mutant version worked 20% faster.

The new study analysed a second enzyme also found in the Japanese bacteria that doubles the speed of the breakdown of the chemical groups liberated by the first enzyme.

Bacteria that breakdown natural polymers like cellulose have evolved this twin approach over millions of years.

The Scientists thought by connecting the two enzymes together, it might increase the speed of degradation, and enable them to work more closely together.

The linked suepr enzyme would be impossible for a bacterium to create, as the molecules would be too large.

So the Scientists connected the two enzyme in the laboratory and saw a further tripling of the speed.

Benefits of Turmeric

Boosts cognitive function:

Curcumin protects brain cells by binding to and dissolving abnormal proteins.

Fights body wide inflammation:

Curcumin has been proven to significantly lower levels of inflammatory markers.

Support Cardiovascular Function:

Curcumin supports heart health by promoting a healthy inflammatory response.

Promotes youthful Radiant Skin:

Curcumin promotes soft, smooth, glowing skin and fights lines and wrinkles.

Support join and muscles health:

Curcumin promotes a healthy inflammatory response and eases aches and pains.

Boosts detoxification:

Curcumin optimizes function of liver, the body’s primary organ of detoxification.

Promotes healthy mood balance:

Curcumin has been shown to be an extremely effective natural mood enhancer.

Supports Natural weight loss:

Curcumin can enhance weight loss when combined with healthy diet and exercise.

Black pepper Enhances Bioavailability of Turmeric:

Research suggests that taking an extract of black pepper called piperine with Curcumin can boost absorption, amplifying curcumin’s impressive ability to curb inflammation, protect the brain and revitalize health.

Despite curcumin’s remarkable health benefits, it has the drawback of being difficult for the body to absorb. But according to a study published in plants Medica, when 20mg of black pepper extract is administered together with Curcumin, it boosts the Bioavailability of the turmeric derived compound by 2,000%.

“Hero Rat” wins gold medal

A landmine detection rat has been awarded the animal equivalent of a George cross for this “life saving bravery”.

Magawa, a giant African pouched rat, has discovered 39 land mines and 28 items of unexploded ordnance since has was trained by charity APOPO.

He is the charity’s most successful Hero Rat.

Having cheard more than 141,000 square meters of land – the equivalent of 20 foot ball pitches.

Magawa has been formally recognized for his work and been presented with a miniature PDSA gold medal.

He is the first rat in the charity’s 77 year history to receive such an award.

Magawa, who is descraid as a bundle of energy and a real character with a steely determination can sniff out explosives ninety six times faster than conventional solutions.

Christophe Cox, chief executive of APOPO told especially who are waking up every day, very easily, to train those animals in the morning.

He said, rats are intelligent and work at repetitive tasks for food rewards better than other animals.

Their size means they are in less danger when walk through landmine fields.

The rates require years of training before they are classified.

They work for award half an hour a day in the early morning.

One they detect a landmine they scratch the top which alerts their human handlers.

The rates are trained to detect a chemical compound within explosives. And because they ignore any scrap metal lying around they work faster than a metal detertorist.

Magawa, who is now nearing reteriment age can scratch the area of a tennis lowest in 30 min. Something that would take a human with a metal detector up to four days

Combodia estimates that between four and six million landmines where laid in the country between 1975 and 1998. Where have sadly caused on a 64,000 casualties. Magawa work directly saves and changes the loves of men, woman and children. Who are impacted by these landmine.

Every discovery he makes reduces the risk of injury or death for local people. The POSH Animal awards programme seeks to raise.

The states of animal in society. And honour the incredible contribution they make to our lives.

magwa’s dedication, skill and bravery are an extraordinary example of this and deserve the highest possible recongnition.

Combodia has the highest number of mine amputees per capita in the world – more than 40,000 people.

Future Technology

Hello everyone! Here’s 8 technology tipping points we will reach by 2030,


Robots have already distrupted blue collar industries. But soon they’ll all so start distrupting white – collar jobs.

There could even be robot pharmacists by 2021.


The internet of things is only going to expand form the side walk, we walk on to the clothing we wear.

1 trillion different sensors could be connected to the internet by 2022.


3D printing is revolutionizing the medical industry.

It has already been used to replace past of a rib-cage.

The technology could be used for organ transplants by 2024.


79% of respondents surveyed believe that the internet will become a basic right by 2024.


Electronic components continuou to increase in power and decrease in size.

80% of respondents predict that the first implantable phones will become commercially available by 2024.

Instead of talking – the implanted phone could allow users to communicate this thought via bring waves.


The car Sharing economy is exploring across the world.

And is changing people’s thoughts on car ownership.

67% of respondents believe more rides will be occur with ride sharing than privately was cars by 2026.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence can learn from past mistakes, and automate complex decisions based on big data.

Expert’s believe an artificial intelligence machine will join a corporate board of directors by 2026.

Time traveling machine:

The main proposal that people at least consider worthy of attention for travelling to the part does make use of a weird called wormholes.

The wormhole is something that really Albert Einstein again discovered the guy has like got his name written over everything in this field, it’s a bridge, if you will form one location in space to another, it’s kind of a tunnel gives you a short gut, to go from here to here now he discovered this in 1935 but it was subsequently realize that if you manipulate the openings of a wormhole – put one near a black whole or take one on a high speed journey – then time of the two openings of this wormhole, tunnel will not tick off at the same rate, so that you will no longer just go from one location in space to another, if you go through this tunnel through this wormhole you will go from one moment in time to a different moment in time go one way, you will travel to the past, the other way to travel to the future.


For a very long time the vanilla flavoring in ice creams baked eateries came from the anal secretion of beavers. Beaver butts secrete a goo or slime-like product known as castoreum, which these animals use to make their territory.

The food and drug administration listed castoreum as a “regarded as safe” additive, and manufactures worldwide have been using it extensively in perfumes and foods for at least 80 years. Castoreum is a chemical product that mostly comes from the beavers’ caster sacs, present in between its pelvis and its tail base.

Castoreum is often a combination of caster gland secretions, anal gland secretions, and urine. While most anal secretions stink due to odour producing bacteria in the gut, the is chemical compound is a product of the beaver’s special diet of leaves and bark.

Instead of smelling icky, castoreum has a musky, vanilla scent, which is why food Scientists like to include it in recipes. But extraction is a cumbersome (and gross) process which is why many Industries have started exploring other alternatives recently.

There’s a slim chance that vanilla favoring in your food has been sourced from a beaver’s butt. So you can wipe that disgust off and go enjoy a scoop of good-old-vanilla!


In 1964, china detonated its first nuclear device, and its neighbours, including India, were worried about the country’s drowning dominance. To gain an edge, the US collaborated with India to place nuclear-powered monitoring devices across the himalayas to spy on Chinese nuclear tests and missile firings.

In October 1965, a team of Indian and American climbers packed up seven plutonium capsules and surveillance equipment, which where meant to be placed on top of Nanda Devi peak and near India’s north-eastern border with china.

On their way to planting the devices on Nanda Devi, the climbers suddenly got stuck at the base camp as a blizzard struck. The winds were so strong that the team had to leave the peak and come back without the nuclear device, hoping that they would get the equipment back once the blizzard calmed down.

However, when they returned in the next climbing season, what they saw was extremely surprising and scary – the equipment was no longer there! After numerous search operations, the team presumed that it had been swept away by an avalanche, the print notes.

While the search operations might have stopped, the suspense about where the device is located remains to be a regular discussion topic amongst the locals as the device, which was lost in the mountains five decades ago, hasn’t been found to this date!

The topic has resurfaced as there are some murmurs that the last nuclear monitoring device could have caused the recent floods in Uttarakhand. After the unfortunate incident, rumours flew that the devices had “exploded” and triggered the deluge.

While Scientists believe that a piece of the broken glacier was responsible for the flooding, many locals refuse to accept that a glacier could simply break off in winter and blame the disaster on the lost monitoring device.